Ricciardo's Best Stint Chance Ruined By 'Crazy' Luck

Ricciardo's Best Stint Chance Ruined By 'Crazy' Luck

This year’s Australian Grand Prix saw Red Bull’s Lewis Hamilton leads the championship with a four-point lead over his team mate, Sebastian Vettel. Both men will start the race in first and second, but who will get a better start to the race?

Ricciardos best podium chance ruined by crazy luck

Sebastian Vettel is in pole position as he returns after a poor season. Lewis Hamilton is coming to Australia off a bad race in Malaysia where he crashed, injured himself, and lost out on pole. Both men will start from the outside of the grid and this means they should have equal speed all day.

It is good for the Ferrari team to bring new parts and mechanics in to replace the ones which failed in Malaysia, as this has helped Nicola Rosconi improve his car. He also has two new tyres which will make life easier for him. In addition, his race engineer Pat Symonds is new, so he should be able to make some good suggestions on how to improve the car.

However, it is very hard to judge whether Lewis Hamilton will be able to catch up to Ricciardo in the race, simply because he has been behind him so long. The problem with most drivers is that when they are far away from their rivals, they tend to drive more aggressively, trying to get into the fight. When they are in a battle with someone like Ricciardo, they tend to slow down. Therefore, if Mercedes does make any mistakes on the race track, it is likely that Lewis Hamilton could take the lead from him.

But, what if Mercedes does make a mistake or Ricciardo drives even faster on the track? Then it is possible that Lewis Hamilton could win the race in the final stages. But then again, it is also possible that Lewis Hamilton could lose the race to Sebastian Vettel in the final stages. So the race is likely to go to the finish line third and fourth – and the race to the finish line fifth and sixth.

With all of that said, it is hard to say what will happen at the end of the race and who will get the best podium chance. and it will certainly be a good day for Ricciardo. If he is able to gain an advantage in the first few laps, he may well overtake Vettel, but if he starts late on, it will probably be Hamilton who ends up winning the race.