NFL's 'Embarrassing' Moment of Unity Sparks Insanity?

NFL's 'Embarrassing' Moment of Unity Sparks Insanity?

The NFL’s ’embarrassing’ moment of unity during the national anthem is a hot topic, and some are calling it a disgraceful display. Some wonder if the NFL is trying to further divide Americans and incite more war.

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The controversy began with President Trump saying, “I’m watching Russia play football. It is a disgrace to watch anybody playing that way,” adding, “There’s a major problem.”

The NFL’s ’embarrassing’ moment of unity has been labeled a show of disrespect, which is exactly what Trump has been calling for all along. While many Americans have been divided in their opinion, one thing is for certain: there is no excuse for disrespecting the military, or anyone else for that matter. Regardless of how you feel about the players kneeling down, or how you feel about the game, there is no reason to be disrespectful.

What is important is that this is a patriotic display of unity. Americans stand up for one another. The NFL has created a great opportunity to unite, which is much needed.

While the NFL’s ’embarrassing’ moment of unity sparks outrage, the league has done the right thing. They have made an effort to show support and honor to our country, and this is a good thing, especially given the situation in America today.

This is the best way to show that the United States is one nation, regardless of our differences. If more people would take a stand and join in with the NFL, they could put a human face on this divisive topic and show the world what it’s really all about.

If the NFL truly wants to be perceived as unified, then they need to show that unity. That is the only way they will continue to be perceived as one of the most popular and respected sports leagues in America, as well as the largest in attendance.

Patriotic spirit is at an all time high. We have seen a lot of division and controversy in the media, and this is leading to a lot of patriotism, which will only bring out the best in us. In order to remain popular, the NFL must continue to bring out their best, and give the United States of America a good example for everyone to follow.

The NFL’s ’emembarrassing’ moment of unity is a beautiful thing, but it may also end up being a learning experience. Perhaps it’s just one of those things that we have to deal with and move past.

It doesn’t matter what happens or what anyone says, this is a show of unity. A lot of people have said that, because of the actions of the president and others, that our nation is divided, and we have become so politically correct. It’s time to embrace a common cause.