"Bad Decision": New Coach Rips NFL Golden Boy

"Bad Decision": New Coach Rips NFL Golden Boy

In his first post-NFL draft article, “Good Decision,” ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says the New Orleans Saints made a “bad decision” by trading down from the No. 1 pick to take receiver Marques Colston. Mortensen says that the Saints should have traded down and traded for a big-bodied receiver instead. “Had they done their homework before the draft and had their eyes on some of the bigger receivers available, I’m sure they could have found a deal that worked out,” he said. But Mortensen says the Saints just didn’t have enough time to do any homework, and it appears their new coach, Sean Payton, didn’t give them that luxury either.

Bad decision New coach rips NFL golden boy

“The Saints made a terrible decision by making the move to take a receiver when they have one of the best running backs in the game,” he continued. “They took the wrong player and were doomed from the get go. By taking Colston they set themselves up for disappointment for years to come.” Mortensen says the Saints need a quarterback and another good receiver, but there are only a couple of solid running backs in the draft. I have two questions.

One, where is all the big-bodied receivers? And two, why do the Saints suddenly need a quarterback when their new coach said in January that Drew Brees would be the starter the rest of his career? Why did he suddenly reverse course and say that he didn’t know whether or not he’d be the starter this year?

According to the New Orleans Advocate, the new coach says he made a bad decision by taking Colston. The coach says he had no idea who the receivers were in the draft and thought the Saints would be better off with a wide receiver. When it turned out that there was only one decent wide receiver available, the coach decided to take the receiver. What’s more, according to ESPN’s Mortensen, he also decided to trade back into the draft. It’s unclear what he has in mind.

As I write this article, the Saints have no running backs on the roster. They signed fullback Ben Watson, but it appears that’s a one-year fix to an issue that will likely develop over the long haul. So what’s next?

If you’ve got a question or an issue with anything that’s going on in New Orleans, contact the NFLPA, the NFL Players Association or a professional agent to discuss it. Don’t expect any answers this week or next, but the NFLPA is always willing to help.