Why We Love Glenn Maxwell in Australia

Why We Love Glenn Maxwell in Australia

This is why we love Glenn Maxwell in Australia. He has been on fire, hitting two three-hundred-yard bombs, while also making a ton of field goals. The biggest show of the season: this is why we love Glenn Maxwell in Australia because this guy is like the old days when all you ever heard was how he hit those huge field goals every time he hit it.

This is why we love Glenn Maxwell

When the Socceroos played the Wallabies on Saturday night in Brisbane, there were a lot of people who had Glenn Maxwell as a player in their head. He had been named man of the match in the first half and he looked like he was in the same form that he was in when he was scoring all those threes. After halftime, Australia scored one more field goal to go up three. Maxwell then went off in the third quarter to have some serious foul trouble, but his teammates did a lot of damage.

It is hard to imagine what Glenn Maxwell was doing at the end of last year. His team was on the verge of a World Cup exit and he didn’t play a single minute. He was even benched for the third quarter and he admitted that he didn’t want to play the third quarter and that he thought he had done enough for the match. However, he still thought he could give Australia something at the end. Well, that’s exactly what he did in the third quarter. He made two big field goals to give the Socceroos a lead and he helped them tie the game, too.

That’s why we love Glenn Maxwell in Australia. He is a player who is always willing to put his team on his back if he feels he’s earned it. There are times when he might be selfishly trying to prove himself and he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He is like a small child in that respect, but he is also a great soccer player because he never backs down from a challenge.

Even though Glenn Maxwell has scored two three-hundred-yard bombs in the third quarter and he made a ton of field goals, he is only playing in this game because he is needed at the end of the game. Australia just needs someone else to score. in this game, they needed to have a big goal, so they asked him to step up. and help the team get what they need.

I don’t think he would have been the best option to give them that because he only has one goal and he hasn’t been scoring much lately. But he is a big part of what they need right now and he deserves to play his best game, so he came out and showed that he is still the same guy he is and the same guy that scores all the goals. I’m sure Australia fans are going to be ready to let him know how much they appreciate him tomorrow night when they play the Wallabies in the World Cup final in Germany.