A Terrifying Moment When Tyson Rocks Trainer Gets His Eye Gouged

A Terrifying Moment When Tyson Rocks Trainer Gets His Eye Gouged

The fear that comes when a professional athlete takes a hit or a bad day at work is nothing compared to what happens when you find out that a professional boxer has had his eye gouged. It’s a horrible thing and when he wakes up, his only option is to get an emergency surgery and the worst part is the recovery time that follow.

Terrifying moment Tyson rocks trainer

You’ll find out soon enough that the only way that you can protect your eyes from being gouged is by wearing glasses. But in this case it won’t be easy. You might have to wear these for the rest of your life, and if that’s not bad enough then you’ll have to wear them to the ring and get hit in the head several times and hope that nobody puts a needle in your eye and pierces it so that he can have a good look at what you’re really capable of.

You’ll also find that the only way that you can avoid getting hit in the face with a big club or thrown around the ring until you can catch your breath is by learning how to defend yourself against eye gouging. This is something that only an expert would know about and that only he or she could teach you. That’s why you’ll need a personal trainer that is trained in martial arts and who can help you with this issue.

Eye gouging is something that most boxers don’t even think about when they are being attacked by a bigger opponent. In fact they tend to focus on their punches and miss a lot of important things. If you focus on everything that happens around you and try to take it all in, you’ll be able to avoid most things that can harm you.

If you are in a ring, you will want to focus on the smaller fighters and on the fighter standing in front of you who might be punching at you. When he does a good job of throwing the punches that come his way and making you look silly, you’ll want to start thinking about what kind of defense system that you could use against him. You’ll want to use a good boxing training regimen, but you might want to include the use of eye pouches.

The eye pouches are small pieces of plastic that go around the eye and there’s a strap that goes around your wrist. You have to wear this so that you can grab hold of your eye pouches when you see the guy trying to hit you. and grab his hand and pull it away. After you’ve done that, the ring crew will realize that you’ve grabbed their guy and they’ll have to move on to the next one.